Traditional Italian food products from Apulia

Traditional Italian product catalogue from Apulia. Traditional production Compagnia delle Puglie for special gourmet retailers, food emporiums, stores and restaurants. Traditional Italian products. Traditional Apulian products of Compagnia delle Puglie made with selected ingredients and goods from Apulia following the oldest tradition.

The traditional Italian food Apulian productsThe traditional Italian food Apulian products of Compagnie delle Puglie: Compagnia delle Puglie meets the requests of specialized "italian food" retailers who search for the value of quality and reliability which are aspects that characterize us.

Our distribution is exclusive. In fact, you will never find our italian food products on any supermarket shelf, nor on display in any large retail distrubution chain store.

The ideal clients for Compagnia delle Puglie are special fine food stores, in the finest gourmet stores and restaurants. We have created commercial solutions for our Clients which are based on the best quality/price deals for our Clients and consumers.

Why choose us: No minimum order - Ship from Italy in 7 days - Authentic traditional food products - Best Quality
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