Compagnia delle Puglie

Fine Apulian gourmet products

Compagnia delle Puglie is a registered trademark owned by MK S.r.l.,a young group of people who have decided to embark on a journey of tradition and genuine good food originating from the rich and various land of Puglia, offering typical Apulian products (and more) to specialized gourmet stores and restaurants.

Compagnia delle Puglie produces and markets typical Apulian products in Italy and abroad .

Compagnia delle Puglie focuses on the constant search and selection of the best quality of ingredients and fresh foods used to make our typical food products: consequently, we choose those with no additives and no preservatives. By meticulously choosing our produce, ingredients and goods, we follow the tradition and typicality of our food products which historically entwine with the past of the Apulian territory becoming its symbols. Behind the choice of every single oil, wine, rosolio, jam you will find a cultural path: an itinerary of taste and years of experience of the Puglia "contrade", a land of infinite resources kissed by the sun all year round.

In the last few years, the market has proven that the “Puglia Trademark” is in great demand internationally. Though, often who purchases Puglia, therefore Apulian products, unknowingly settles for low price and definitely low quality purchase.

Compagnia delle Puglie guarantees the careful selection of its products; high quality and uniqueness of taste and flavours.
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Compagnia delle Puglie® - MK s.r.l.
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